The First Presbyterian Church has worked tirelessly and methodically to create a Primary Health Care Clinic in Southern Sudan, a pilot project begun a decade before this new Nation was able to vote for independence. The 501(3)c John Dau Foundation [1], previously known as ACFS: America Cares For Sudan, has provided basic health care in a location where there was none for a 75 mile radius; where there are no roads, no electricity, no clean water.

In 2001, we sponsored several Sudanese refugees beginning life anew in Syracuse. One of these is now Executive Officer of the Military base at Utica, NY, and a graduate Cum Laude of LeMoyne College. One is married with two children, working at a career while going to school. A Third has his degree in Business and is working in Banking. A fourth is a Student at the New House School of SU, and the creator of NGOs providing services to South Sudan. 

Anticipated goals for 2012 include:

  • 15,000 patients receive routine care at the Clinic.
  • 500 first time pre-natal visits.
  • 2,000 children to receive DPT3.
  • 15,000 children receiving de-worming.
  • 20 people to be successfully treated for TB.
  • 500 people to receive HIV/AIDs Counseling and Testing.
  • 5,000 people to attend community health awareness campaigns.
  • 20 Traditional Birth Midwife Attendants to receive 10 days of Training.
  • 5 CHD staff to receive 10 days of training in various administrative topics.
  • New Cold-chain equipment to be installed and staff trained at 2 satellite Health Care Units.
  • 15 Primary Health Care Units staff to be given 5 days of training.
  • 100-150 blind patients to have sight surgically restored.

This Church has created essential relationships with indigenous leaders, to create a permanent Clinic building, with electricity, internet communication, a vehicle for transportation, refrigeration for population-wide vaccination, clean water, partnerships with other NGOs, a Doctor, Nurses, 25 Midwives, Counselors, Lab Technicians and Pharmacists, as well as the medicines and vaccinations to follow through with care. While we have been able to give the people medicine, water, electricity and a permanent building, the clinic has taught all of those involved about the power of human touch and caring. This has truly become an ecumenical community-supported mission, as friends and partners have served in fund raising, public relations, construction and medical operations. In an isolated, war-ravaged, part of Sub-Saharan Africa, we have changed circumstance from 8 out of 10 children and their mothers dying in labor and delivery, to a time and place of hope, where every mother receives pre-natal and post-natal care, every infant is inoculated against preventable diseases; and where we can diagnose and treat Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and STIs.

Read about our work with Sudanese Refugees here.


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