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FPC Stewardship Video #3 - The Marshalls

"It’s great and heartwarming to see all of the work that all of the members of the congregation have done over the past 2 or 3 years. It’s been hard but everyone’s kept their faith and their focus on staying positive and coming together and ultimately trusting and loving one another so that we could move forward collectively at a time when things could’ve gone badly. It speaks volumes that it didn’t and that we are in a really positive place and people have come together. There’s a sense that people really want to work together and have a bright future as a congregation." - Jill & Todd Marshall

FPC Stewardship Video 2 - Heidi & Don Cross

Video 2 in our Stewardship series features an interview with Heidi and Don Cross. They talk about their lifelong connection to the church and the wonderful sense of community Skaneateles First Presbyterian Church offers its congregation and greater community.

FPC Stewardship Video - Ginny Fennessy

Video 1 of a 3 part series presented by the Stewardship committee of the First Presbyterian Church. Reconnect with the church and hear from members of our congregation! This video features an interview with Ginny Fennessy.

New Pastor Chosen for Skaneateles First Presbyterian Church

The First Presbyterian Church of Skaneateles is pleased to bring a man of God to minister to our congregation. He will be starting that position with his first sermon on August 1st. We invite everyone to attend worship that Sunday at 10:00 am to welcome Pastor Hill. If you can’t attend, we encourage you to join us on Facebook Live that morning.

It is important that everyone is aware of the type of leader the Pastoral Nominating Committee was charged with finding. First on our list was a person with a true connection to God. Michael has that.

We were looking for a person who could deliver a great sermon, one in which the implications of the Bible can be translated into how we as Christians and Presbyterians should be approaching the world around us. We were seeking a person who is willing to hold onto traditions, but who would also provide us with room to grow into the 21st century.

Rev. Michael Hill has been charged with providing pastoral counseling to those that need it, visitation if appropriate, and he will be presiding over our worship services, baptisms, weddings, funerals and communion services.

We already have several areas of mission we’ve been working on, but we are hoping that Rev. Hill will assist us in reaching out to single parent families, folks afflicted with cancer, and projects that protect our beautiful environment. He will be helping us to continue the work already begun with the Eastern Farm Workers, St. Lucy’s and the Samaritan Center (soup kitchens in Syracuse), OnPoint (support of minority college students), The Manor (home for elderly), A.M.E. Zion Church and the Skaneateles Ecumenical Food Pantry

Pastor Hill will be working with our current staff to keep things running here at church. He is a teaching elder who values Christian education, and he would like to help us expand our current offerings. He may teach, but he may also encourage others to teach. The Christian Education committee would like to ultimately hire someone to work specifically on Christian Ed, but Michael’s guidance in the choosing of that person will be extremely important.

We wanted a pastor who would be willing to work with the Cayuga-Syracuse Presbytery, and who wanted to be a part of the Skaneateles Community. To that end, Michael will be renting a home in Skaneateles until he can find an appropriate home to purchase in the area, that can accommodate his family and not break the bank.

The list of what we want a pastor to help us with is long, and impossible for one man to do on their own. We are counting on all of the members of the congregation to step up and assist Rev. Hill with the work he’s been tasked to do. Please consider how your time and talents can help support this new pastor, as he encourages us to do the work of Christ.

And come to worship, wearing your nametag, to help Pastor Hill learn who we are.

Manor Vacancy

The Manor currently has 4 available suites. visit: https://skaneatelesmanor.com/ to learn more or contact the Church office.

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