Come As You Are

When considering joining us for worship, fellowship and/or other celebrations, come as you are! Our only expectation and prayer is that you feel the power of the Holy Spirit in our midst.
Rather than emphasizing contemporary versus traditional, we want you to know that you will find both styles in our congregation. More than a congregation, we are Christians who struggle together, that need encouragement and who desire fellowship. We invite you to join us regardless of your faith journey, educational level, economic standing or ethnic background. Our prayer is that you want to become part of our faith community.

Our facility and sanctuary are handicapped accessible; the ramp is located on the side of the church in front of our parking lot.

We regularly celebrate 20 – 30 Weddings annually; 12 – 20 Baptisms; and 3 or 4 Memorials. Our pastors are able to meet you where you are, responding to your personal faith issues, providing the resources of faith in the Church, or in your home, in your business, and out in the community.

This is an open and growing Church, where like the threads of a tapestry new members are continually being woven into the fabric. To address questions and concerns, and help you to claim this as your Church, New Member classes are offered whenever three or four are ready.

Membership in the Church of Jesus Christ is a joy and privilege, a demonstration of trust and commitment to participate in Christ's mission. The ministry of membership allows you to proclaim the good news, to take part in determining the direction and leadership of the Church. All those who are part of the life of this Church by participation or membership are:


The art of vocalists, instruments, organ, piano, spoken word and silence, light, image, and ideas, empower us to be moved spiritually, emotionally and intellectually, to be comforted when we are challenged by life and challenged when we begin to feel too comfortable. Everything is transparent and real, our very best effort for God; with the compassion that, at times, like an infant, we simply want to be welcome and loved.