Board of Deacons

The Deacons of the First Presbyterian Church of Skaneateles have chosen to serve their church and membership in a caring way.

Our deacons assist those members and non- members with their physical and spiritual needs not just on Sundays. They visit in homes and nursing homes and for those who do not drive, there is a weekly Deacon Driver to furnish rides each Sunday and for other events. In addition, the Deacons assist at funerals and deliver meat trays to the families involved.  

Board of Deacons

Class of 2023

Lee Bennett -

Peggy Bennett - 

Jay Clark - 

Molly Rhoads - 


Class of 2024 

Joyce Campbell -

Heidi Cross - 

Jayne Hueber -

Andrew Pease -


Class of 2025

Chris Pardee - 

Owen Pardee - 

Sandy Nichols - 

Cindy Dempsey -